Altima -v- Camry Update

See my recent comment on the Camry and Altima – and with Toyota hamstrung by supply issues, looks like Nissan is making a run at top selling car with the Altima this month.

What’s it mean for the company? Nothing really, just a good chance to celebrate that the Altima after it’s rebirth in 2002 has arrived and that Nissan can “bend that demand curve up.” It highlights that Nissan is performing and Toyota seems to hit every pothole. But, let’s see how it happens, I’ll be running, not walking to the incentive chart once the numbers are out!

Over the long run, remember that it’s a marathon of relative opportunity over the long haul, not a sprint.  Nissan is on fire for sure, but Toyota is a very strong, big and innovative company.  Despite rumors of internal management infighting, I’ve never bet against them.


One thought on “Altima -v- Camry Update

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